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With more than 5000 customers, Afinoz Realtime offers a wide range of saving and investment solutions including equities, commodities, currency trading, portfolio management, research and mutual funds and investor education. Our principal objective is to be a well trusted and preferred financial service provider enabling wealth creation for our diversified customers in India.

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Types of Mutual Funds Based on Asset Class
Equity Funds:
Equity funds invest in equity stocks/shares of companies. These mutual funds have the potential of providing high returns but also involve the highest risk.
Debt Funds:
Debt funds invest in debts like company debentures, government bonds and other fixed income assets. These funds are deemed safe investments because they offer fixed returns.
Balanced or Hybrid Funds:
These funds invest in both equity funds and debt funds. Sometimes, the proportion of debt is lower than equity or the other way around. Risks and returns are balanced out this way.
ELSS- Tax Saving Mutual Fund
Equity Linked Saving Schemes (ELSS) mutual funds primarily invests in equity and equity-related instruments. This kind of funds offers dual benefits of tax deduction and higher returns in the long run.
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Buy-and-hold Mutual Funds
Our objective is to provide the best Broking Advisory solutions to our Indian and NRI clients. For its advisory services, Afinoz Investments Pvt. Ltd. believes in the dictum "all are different, everyone is special”.

We are of the opinion that true financial planners offer an honest, critical service to society, and our CFP practitioners lead the way with a commitment to raise the bar for the clients we serve – from transaction to transformation.
How do we help our investors
The company adopts an approach that starts with need based analysis of the client, and financial goals and liabilities of the client are discussed in depth.
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Research-based financial advice on all asset classes
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Monitor the performance of the stocks you own or want to buy
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Get instant and secure info about your stocks and other trading
Portfolio Management Service
Specialized Portfolio Management Services bring out the best in your portfolio investments
We educate our investors to make informed decisions in the vast universe of Indian equity market